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A little bit about me: My art career began as a teenager with pastel portraits of horses and dogs, but my training as a child was in oil painting.  These weekly lessons were in a home studio in our Seattle neighborhood. Later, as a young adult, it was on to Cornish Institute of Allied Arts where we learned a variety of media. Through the years, portraiture always remained one of my favorite artistic endeavors.  Sometime within the blur of raising a family during the last 30 years, I began to learn the art of watercolor. I consider myself self-taught, with lots of help from books from the local Bellingham art store, and a good foundation from my previous training. I had never painted birds until several years ago when I was asked to paint a few for a friend's living room display. I decided watercolor would be the most appropriate media, and what started with a few, turned into a whole collection! 

While definitely challenging at times, watercolor is delightful to use. The paint has a bit of a mind of its own, which is partly why I think it works so well with birds. They have their own personalities, and watercolor does too!

I hope you enjoy the cards and prints. They were fun and rewarding to create.

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